ICBC - Islamic Countries Business Council


The Islamic Countries Business Council, founded in 2005 to foster and encourage trade and investment across the Islamic World.

 The ICBC not only has to persuade companies of the benefits of its services but to get them to recognize the special factors that make the Islamic Countries Business Council interesting to business. Too often it is viewed as a family of nations with little business or economic significance. However the Islamic World does represent

·         20% of world trade worth $ 3 Trillion

·         1.7 billion people 30% of the world’s population

·         40% of  WTO membership across 57 countries

 The Islamic Countries Business Council as well as speaking for the private sector and supporting trade and investment, has unique capability to link government and public  policy with commercial, industrial and financial interests, across the network of networks that is the Islamic Countries Business Council.


As a diversified nation dealing in engineering, financial services and trading in many countries worldwide, you are interested in the development and growth of national markets and development potential in a number of other Islamic countries will no doubt be of interest to you. As well enjoying a number the benefits of our services you would be a major contributor to the overall value of ICBC membership.


The services that we offer are:

 ·         Opportunities to participate as delegate or speakers in the Islamic Countries Business Forum – the foremost meeting of  business with governments, finances and other influential ministers-providing opportunities to influence and steer policy

·         Preferential participation in our range of trade and investment events around the world

·         Facilitating one to one meeting with relevant high level government and business contacts

·         Participation in common interest working groups to influence and develop policy and strategies

·         Access to an extensive range of information through our publications (almanacs, sectoral and regional reports, policy papers, speeches)

·          Use of the members-only area of an electronic portal  and information bases for business across the Islamic World, including company databases and digital market places.



Mr. Aslam Shahzad


 ICBC - Business Intellegence